Porsche 981 GTS


The „GTS“ at Porsche stands for the most sportif car of each construction series. In the case of the Boxster and Cayman, Porsche presents this model type for the first time. In order to put the character of this vehicle into the right light we went to Mallorca. On the Balear Island one doesn`t only find demanding coast roads but also a small but nice race track on which GTS genes can be presented at their best. Both vehicles are in the typical GTS brick red. This is no coincidence if you look at the pictures more closely. The client was also very aware of his decision making process when he choose for CGI with real backplates. On the one hand this was in order to produce on time but on the other hand it was also to produce top secret.

Kunde: Porsche · CGI: Ralf Trumpp · Post Production: STAUD STUDIOS