3D Concept Car

for ElringKlinger AG

The observance of neutrality is an absolute must for a supplier of several clients in the automotive sector. For the product presentation of the automotive supplier ElringKlinger, we created a Concept Car for the first time, in 3D, completely digital and brand neutral.

The Concept: 2 motifs of a state-of-the-art, four-seater car; one in a normal, realistic way and one in a ghost look, which allows the view of the components inside of the vehicle.

Destinctive factor / unusual, the multistage process: Development of a complete car in close coordination with the client: Completion of a line modeling through an automotive designer, detailed modeling with CGI, adding of the 3D models in our backplates, retouching the final renderings and the backplate in our post.

Client: ElringKlinger AG · Agency: HOCHBURG · CGI: STAUD STUDIOS · Post Production: STAUD STUDIOS

The result: currently: an advertisement motif for usage in the automotive print media as well as for invitations and posters for the IAA. In the future: a visual communication tool.